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Andre is a true ocean lover. 
Born and raised in Portugal, Alentejo; he feels deeply connected with his region. 
The tranquil ambiance of the hills and fields, the richness of nature, fauna & flora and powerful ocean gives him every day stoke for life. 
Andre is a passionate waterman and it is hard to see him out of the ocean.
Whether he explores the coast on a stand-up paddle, follows the swell charging big waves or teaches other people to ride on a surfboard you will always see him with a big smile enjoying what he does.
With young age, Andre started to make his living in the surf industry. 
Judging and competing in surf contests gave him essential knowledge about the coaching aspect of surfing. 
In 2003 he opened his own Surfschool, Costazul-Surf-Alentejo. 
With the focus on a holistic and professional outlook, he builds a program for surfers of every level and age to join his classes and until today runs his business very successful. 
Andre's passion though is to take our children and future surfers to the sea; not only to train their performance but to develop confidence, build a connection and give knowledge about our ocean. 
Living his life in a balance of mind, body and spirit, besides his daily surf sessions he practices yoga (asana, pranayama & meditation) Reiki and Ju-Jitsu to maintain a mental and physical fitness when riding the big waves.

Surprise after surprise, just receive this picture from our special Guest @annesophie_baron sharing the line up with Mateus. Family is the ultimate meaning of life, work hard everyday and feel blessed for what you get 👌🌊☀️ #alensurf

Surprise after ...

Surprise after surprise, one month about to finish this special season I receive this amazing and one of my favorite pictures with my 2babys Mateus going to he’s 8 next November and India to her 7 months Love, love, love... is what I feel about this 2. 🙏🏽 So grateful to life. Thank you so much, Big hug and kisses, Anouk & Kenneth ❤🤗😘

Surprise after ...

Great sunset session with special friends at home. Dolphins crossing the line up right before we paddle out ❤️🙏🏽 Thanks @annesophie_baron for this beautiful picture. @cabecadacabraguesthouse @costazulsurf #alensurf #praiadavieirinha

Great sunset se...

#Surf&Yoga Retreat with this special Surfers @cabecadacabraguesthouse and @maria_costa_santos with @andresampaioteixeira teaching and sharing his Surfing experience in the Ocean since 1990, @filipelucasfrazao with his amazing food and @loveashtangayoga @costazulsurf #alensurf

#Surf&Yoga Retr...

Grateful for having this view from my office!!! Dream and be grateful from what you have. “Grande sonhos grandes feitos”. #alensurf #costazulsurfalentejo #praiadavieirinha

Grateful for ha...

Slowly summer is going, new season about to come, we can smell we can see the different light and colors. the end of a season represents the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. Of new projects, new achievements. I Want to thank to all @costazulsurf clients, to @cabecadacabraguesthouse, @maria_costa_santos , @loveashtangayoga @santiagohotelcookingnature @origenshostelsines and to our team that took good care of our company during this last months. Wish everyone a good season and lots of good waves. Foto: @jlthroughalens

Slowly summer i...

Não podemos permitir, temos que criar alternativas. Um país de qualidade, limpo, verde, seguro e com qualidade de vida de quem aqui vive e para quem nos visita.

Não podemos per...

Explosão “exploração” De petróleo em Portugal!?!?!? Até o nome indica, exploração, não faz nenhum sentido! Aqui está bem referenciado um dos riscos. Partilhem!!!! #nãoháexplicação #petroleonao @galp #galp #portugallivredepetroleo #algarvelivredepetroleo #alentejolivredepetroleo

Explosão “explo...