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Andre is a true ocean lover. 
Born and raised in Portugal, Alentejo; he feels deeply connected with his region. 
The tranquil ambiance of the hills and fields, the richness of nature, fauna & flora and powerful ocean gives him every day stoke for life. 
Andre is a passionate waterman and it is hard to see him out of the ocean.
Whether he explores the coast on a stand-up paddle, follows the swell charging big waves or teaches other people to ride on a surfboard you will always see him with a big smile enjoying what he does.
With young age, Andre started to make his living in the surf industry. 
Judging and competing in surf contests gave him essential knowledge about the coaching aspect of surfing. 
In 2003 he opened his own Surfschool, Costazul-Surf-Alentejo. 
With the focus on a holistic and professional outlook, he builds a program for surfers of every level and age to join his classes and until today runs his business very successful. 
Andre's passion though is to take our children and future surfers to the sea; not only to train their performance but to develop confidence, build a connection and give knowledge about our ocean. 
Living his life in a balance of mind, body and spirit, besides his daily surf sessions he practices yoga (asana, pranayama & meditation) Reiki and Ju-Jitsu to maintain a mental and physical fitness when riding the big waves.

Some waves you can hold, others not. Love this days. Grato Miguel pelas fotos 📷 @migueldiasferreiraphoto @oceanhousepc @costazulsurf #alensurf #surfalentejo @seagullrescue #portocovo

Some waves you ...

Semana incrível de Surf no Alentejo, rodeado de boas energias e de pessoas incríveis que nos apoiam, que vivem os nosso goals como se fossem deles 🙏🏽🤙🏽 Agradeço a companhia de todos os que têm estado na água nos últimos dias e todas as boas energias estejam do lado do @alex_botelho para uma rápida recuperação. 📷 @vania.chu @oceanhousepc @costazulsurf #alensurf #alentejo #surfalentejo #portocovo @seagullrescue #surfsafaris

Semana incrível...


In love with this village, winter time is my favourite 👌🙏🏽🤙🏽 @oceanhousepc @costazulsurf #alensurf

In love with th...

Grande dia com grandes pessoas. A tomar conta das nossas praias 🙏🏽 Cleaning our beachs with beautiful people. Thank you 🙏🏽 #plasticfree #cleanyourbeach #mateussampaioteixeira #portocovo #portocovolovers @oceanhousepc @costazulsurf

Grande dia com ...

The biggest swell I ever seen coming much higher than the big dune. How big it was? Normalmente não se vê ondas da estrada mesmo em alguns dias de tamanho razoável. 📷 @andresampaioteixeira @oceanhousepc @costazulsurf #weareocean #praiadavacaria #santoandre #surfguide

The biggest swe...

Dreaming with a day of tomorrow feeling blessed for today 🙏🏽🤙🏽 @costazulsurf @oceanhousepc #alensurf 📷thakenbyme

Dreaming with a...

At the age of 14 I new exactly where I want to leave. Don’t understand yet if I choose the place or if Alentejo coast chose me. The life style, friends and the incredible Ocean with empty line ups, the waves without names or with a very recent name given by a good story of a group of young surfers. Since that age a try to get some money to buy new boards, to go for contest or Surf trip, renting the house of my mom where I leave, making fins at @heliosurfboards or working on holidays at “petrogal refinery “. I knew exactly what I don’t want to do so since that time until the day of today my life is Surf. Now at 41 I can feel the same person as before with a lot of white hair and I don’t like to listening friends saying that we can not Surf here or there because we are not young anymore. Just feel we need to keep on moving, days are going fast and there’s no time to loose, new wonderful day’s to leave with a everyday challenges. Love my life, two kids, Mateus with 9 and India almost 2. Feel 🙏🏽. Feel blessed by last year of 2019. So many challenges, every day I know I can be a better person and I’m working on this. 2019 was also a year of step forward with beginning of personal projects that I wish they bring goods for our region and to the local community. @oceanhousepc is the new project and I want to shared with you. Soon I will put some pictures of the new House in Porto Covo. As much as I travel more I realise that here still the place to be. Wish for 2020 good people around, good energy, and all projects to grow on the best way. Wish for this decade that more people take good care of our planet 🤙🏽🙏🏽 Grato @vania.chu por me aturares ao longo deste ano 👌💪🙏🏽😀 @oceanhousepc @costazulsurf #alensurf

At the age of 1...