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Andre is a true ocean lover. 
Born and raised in Portugal, Alentejo; he feels deeply connected with his region. 
The tranquil ambiance of the hills and fields, the richness of nature, fauna & flora and powerful ocean gives him every day stoke for life. 
Andre is a passionate waterman and it is hard to see him out of the ocean.
Whether he explores the coast on a stand-up paddle, follows the swell charging big waves or teaches other people to ride on a surfboard you will always see him with a big smile enjoying what he does.
With young age, Andre started to make his living in the surf industry. 
Judging and competing in surf contests gave him essential knowledge about the coaching aspect of surfing. 
In 2003 he opened his own Surfschool, Costazul-Surf-Alentejo. 
With the focus on a holistic and professional outlook, he builds a program for surfers of every level and age to join his classes and until today runs his business very successful. 
Andre's passion though is to take our children and future surfers to the sea; not only to train their performance but to develop confidence, build a connection and give knowledge about our ocean. 
Living his life in a balance of mind, body and spirit, besides his daily surf sessions he practices yoga (asana, pranayama & meditation) Reiki and Ju-Jitsu to maintain a mental and physical fitness when riding the big waves.

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We chose places...

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Love this place #alentejo

Love this place...

If we don’t feel fear, probably we are not doing much. Breaking barriers, help us to be more focus and determined to follow our dreams. Once we climb “jump” a barrier we know that right after there’s one other. And other ... Being connected with Ocean teach us so much for the normal life we all have full of challenges. More then 7 months pass from new year. Few more to go. Being passion is for me the best tool I have. Are you ready to jump?!?!? 🙏🏽 @oceanhousepc @costazulsurf #alensurf #portocovo #portugal #alentejo @andresampaioteixeira

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Summer 2019 with full heart 💙🙏🏽

Summer 2019 wit...

Chega de lixo e beatas nas praias. A Natureza agradece e nos também. Grande agradecimento a quem colocou estas placas nas nossas praias do #swalentejano #sudoestalentejanosemlixo

Chega de lixo e...